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An example of how a new era of accountability is coming for organizations that make DEI pledges
Ask TDM Anything

Ask TDM Anything - How to Measure DEI

C-level executives and DEI practitioners often ask me how to measure the impact of DEI. Join me this Friday to ask me anything about linking DEI metrics to organizational impact.

Feel free to ask your question any time between now... (More)

Effective survey tools and methods for measuring DEI progress

When measuring the impact of DEI, both quantitative and qualitative data must be collected so you can understand and identify what areas need the most attention and how much progress you’re making.

Quantitative Data: data that can be counted,... (More)

Najauna WhiteTDM
Director, Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement

Why do business leaders need to understand and prioritize disability inclusion in the workforce?

Yesterday we asked a question about understanding and prioritizing disability inclusion in the workforce to our panelist. See what our CEO @Donald Thompson had to say below:

So, let's talk about the numbers around why you should care, and then... (More)