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Courageous Conversations
Courageous Conversations
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Najauna WhiteTDM
Director, Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement
On Monday we got a question during our 'ASK TDM ANYTHING' event about acronyms used to represent sexual orientations and gender identities. Read our blog by TDM expert Kaela Kovach-Galton below on LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQIA, LGBTQIAP+ and what these letters... (More)
Ask TDM Anything
Courageous Conversations

Ask TDM Anything - Events at the Capitol

Edit at 2:45pm ET: The Ask TDM Anything live Q&A will start shortly! Reminder that you can post your question anonymously if you'd like in the comments section below. During the event from 3-4pm ET, you may need to refresh... (More)

Donald ThompsonTDM Expert
CEO, Leadership Consultant at The Diversity Movement

Questions with DT: As a leader, how can I lead with compassion and empathy without lowering my expectations and standards?

Today’s best leadership advice fixates on one big topic: compassion. Those of us who have been in the C-suite for multiple decades are still learning how to do that well.

What I’ve heard from many of my executive colleagues is... (More)

Banu Ozkazanc-Pan
Professor in the Practice of Engineering; Director of Venture Capital Inclusion Lab
This week, the Governor of Connecticut signed a bill eliminating religious exemptions for vaccinations, This made me think about some of the ways that employers and organizations might respond to vaccinations beyond adhering to legal requirements. I'd love to... (More)