Last week we co-hosted an event with @Renwei Chung to foster conversation around #stopasianhate. The vulnerability, passion, and call to action were apparent. We must continue to learn and educate, support and call out, and most importantly, take the steps together to address hate, stop the rhetoric, and stop the injustice.

We invite you to take a look at some of the AAPI articles below shared by @Renwei Chung to educate yourself on the best ways to show support:

  1. Charlotte Observer -- Man wielding metal post trashes Korean-owned convenience store at Transit Center in Charlotte
  2. Blue Cross NC "Point of Blue" Blog -- What does Chinese New Year Mean To You?
  3. Raleigh Durham News & Observer -- Mr. Lee and Kaffeinate’s Legacy Will Forever Be Remembered In The Durham Community
  4. BBC News -- Covid 'Hate Crimes' Against Asian Americans On [The] Rise
  5. NBC News -- There Were 3,800 Anti-Asian Racist Incidents, Mostly Against Women, In Past Year
  6. Above the Law -- In The Face Of Asian American Hate Crimes, Congressional Tri-Caucus Members Preach Unity – While Other Politicians Sow The Seeds Of Division
  7. The Dallas Morning News -- I'm From Here. Is That Enough?
  8. The Dallas Morning News -- American, Did Aylan Kurdi Die in Vain?
  9. The Dallas Morning News -- New Immigrants Make Us Whole
  10. Above the Law -- Our Country Is Failing Its Asian American Senior Citizens — We Must Step Up To Protect Them