Getting started is tough. We understand that you want to take action and get a plan moving but may not be sure where or how to start. Take these 3 steps below to begin developing your DEI plan to ensure you have a great foundation.

Get C-Suite Buy-In

Make the business case for DEI by presenting data that support company goals, such as

  • Advanced performance
  • Financial gains
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Competitive advantage
  • Intellectual growth
  • Demographic shifts

Explain why DEI matters

  • Social and moral responsibility
  • Market demand
  • Talent acquisition
  • Enhanced engagement

Develop a DEI Plan

It’s essential to have a plan that covers diversity, equity, and inclusion. A common mistake is to improve diversity without improving inclusion, resulting in poor retention of diverse hires. Another common mistake is to leave out equity. Understand the difference among the three and make sure each is addressed in the DEI plan.

  • Define the purpose of the DEI plan and get consensus from company leaders
  • Gather information to assess and understand the current state of your organization via data collection and analysis
    • Diversity data
    • Equity data
    • Inclusion data
  • Craft a mission statement for your organization
  • Articulate the organization’s DEI mission, vision, and goals 
    • Align them to overall company goals
    • Address gaps, issues, and concerns discovered during data analysis 
  • Set guidelines for plan development 
    • What’s the process of creating the plan? 
    • Who’s involved in plan development?
    • Who are the internal/external stakeholders?
  • Define measures of success - which metrics to track to show progress
  • Lay out actions and timelines to achieve goals
    • Initiatives
    • Programs
    • Training
    • Events
    • Policy changes
    • Process changes
  • Establish a budget 
  • Create a team
  • Gather the tools and resources needed for implementation

Implement the DEI Plan

Create a timeline for execution

  • Break down by short-term vs. long-term, priority
  • Monitor progress by tracking qualitative and quantitative data

Communicate with stakeholders

  • DEI team
    • Frequency
    • Level of detail
    • Channel
  • C-suite executives
    • Frequency
    • Level of detail
    • Channel: In-person/Live video
  • Entire organization
    • Frequency
    • Level of detail
    • Channel: Monthly emails, quarterly town halls, etc.