Q: How often should I communicate DEI metrics with my team? Annually? Bi-annually? Quarterly? Monthly?

A: This answer depends on whether you mean your DEI team, the executive team, or the entire organization. Communication is critically important - not only how often you communicate but the type of information and level of detail you communicate to each stakeholder. 

In the DEI space, we tend to only communicate the end products and results, but not the journey! And this work is a journey, so share all of it because it’s not only important to show transparency, it’s also critical to show the ongoing work that’s involved and how much time it takes. For example, launching an employee survey, holding a focus group, or forming a new partnership -- these are all small wins that should be recognized.

Now specifically to the question, here is a guideline to follow for communicating DEI progress.

DEI team: I recommend a monthly review of goals along with a detailed conversation on the data and metrics. This allows you to track progress and make any necessary changes. 

Senior leadership team: I recommend requesting bi-monthly time on their calendars to provide a detailed update on how you’re tracking on your goals and communicate next steps. This is a good opportunity to highlight wins and ask for any resources you may need so you can continue to make progress on your DEI plan. 

Entire organization: I recommend communicating updates at least quarterly, but more frequently, if possible. 

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