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DEI Practitioners
DEI Practitioners
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Najauna WhiteTDM
Director, Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement
We took some time away to evaluate what our community needed, and WE ARE BACK with more resources and a new course! Want to ensure your organization's DEI initiatives are set up for success? Equip leaders, DEI practitioners, and human... (More)
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Phil AnthonyTDM
Regional Sales Director
I just finished the first class of the Certified Diversity Executive course today and I am enjoying learning the technical content being taught by Dr. Florence Holland. Although I haven't taken an exam in a long time, I can't think... (More)
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Check out the Q&A below from our recent AMA event regarding DEI metrics.

Q: How often should I communicate DEI metrics with my team? Annually? Bi-annually? Quarterly? Monthly?

A: This answer depends on whether you mean your DEI team, the executive team, or the entire organization. Communication is critically important - not only... (More)

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How to Address DEI Backlash

6 Steps to Push Back on Pushback

While most organizations want to institute DEI practices, it is highly likely that you will face some resistance in trying to move initiatives forward. Below are some tips to make progress in executing... (More)