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Kit Hindin (they/them)
Programme Strategy and Facilitation
Jackie Choice, MFA (she/her)
Regional Director, Business Strategy
Phil Anthony
Regional Sales Director
Vivian Acquah (she/her/hers)
Inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate
Justin T. Gomez
Coach & Learning Facilitator
Amber Cobb
Director of Partnership - RIoT
Murray Jenkins
Executive Vice President
Michael Naylor
Consultant/Chief Service Officer
Leslie Hamilton
DEI Project Manager
Sarah Finnerty
Client Advisor at Kelaca
Clarence Green
Business Development Support, Business Strategy
Roxanne Bellamy
Sr. Content Strategist
Chris Herndon
VP of Marketing
Jamie Ousterout
Head of Client Services, The Diversity Movement
Jackie Ferguson
Head of Content & Programming
Florence Holland
Head of Consulting
Kaela Kovach-Galton
Curriculum & Project Strategist